RFP Drone for Topography Mapping of Hydropower Project


Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) II Project is a technical assistance program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the energy sector. ICED II is the second phase of ICED I program that ran from March 2011 through February 2015. ICED II was launched in May 2015 and will run through 2020. ICED support government, private sector and civil society in increasing the contribution of clean energy efficiency resources (renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation) in Indonesia.

ICED II advises renewable energy project developers and energy efficiency hosts in assessing the feasibility of clean energy technology applications. ICED II also offers local banks and financial institutions assistance in evaluating project financing proposals. In support of this, ICED II will conduct topography mapping of mini hydro projects that are located within ICED II project sites. The topography mapping is expected to better understand and explore potentials of hydro power in the area.

ICED II will require drones, unmanned aircraft guided by onboard computers, to carry out the topography mapping activity. Drones are alternative tools to conventional topography mapping tools such as theodolite and total station.


Exploring drone technology capability for topography mapping of hydro power project
Procuring one unit of drone, which is assembled locally in Indonesia.
Testing drone technology for topography mapping in one mini hydropower site.


Preparing a guideline for topography mapping and drone controlling.
Procuring one unit of local drone for topography mapping.
Using drone technology for mapping one mini hydro power project site with the following methods:
Determining one hydro power project within ICED II project location site.
Accomplishing topography mapping using drone technology in one hydro power project site.
Comparing result of the topography mapping using drone technology with topography mapping using conventional tools such as theodolite or total station.
Providing report of the topography mapping using drone technology.


The assignment is expected to take approximately in the period of August – Oct 30, 2016

Bidder’s Qualifications

All bidders must provide the following information and references in order to be qualified for the procurement process:

Institution’s information, including official registered title, type of business, address, and contact person information.
A short description of the institution and of past relevant experience.
Overall technical approach to fulfill the specifications defined in Attachment A – Term of References.


Proposals are invited from organization and individual consultants who meet the profile described above.

Proposals must also include a clear itemized budget. Any proposals that do not include an itemized budget will not be considered. Please use our template budget in Attachment A – Term of References.

Terms of Payment

Payment terms for the awarded Subcontract Agreement shall be net thirty (30) days after satisfactory completion of each of the following milestones. Payment shall be made via bank wire transfer. No advance payments will be considered.

Application Process

Interested and qualified consultants should send their applications by July 27, 2016 at the latest and indicate “ICED2-RFP-2016-07 – Drone for Topography Mapping of Hydropower Project” in the subject line to the email procurements@iced.or.id

Should you have any queries please send an email to procurements@iced.or.id or visit us at www.iced.or.id

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