Investor Map. A Geospatial Based App From Techstar

If you are a startup entrepreneur and need an investor around you, it means you need to read this short post. So, what is relationship between startup, investor and geospatial? The key point is: everything above the earth is georeferenced, including you and investor you are looking for.

Two companies techstars and launched an application to map investor location. The aim of the apps is to help startup entrepreneur to find an investor around them. More than that the apps also gives other related information such as investor address, total investment, investment area, etc. This information off course will help a startup to find a right investor which match with their focus area. Currently most investor available data are in Europe and some for United States. The data was taken from techstar network.

Beside location information on the map, the data can also be found in a share spreadsheet document. In a spreadsheet document a user can filter the data as their purpose and intention. So are you looking for an investor to support your startup? Visit

Techstar startup investor map
Figure: Techstar startup investor map

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