How to Create Image Band Composite in QGIS

In another post I discussed how to download Satellite Imagery in QGIS using the Semi Automatic Classification Plugin. Using the plugin we can also create image band composite to get a new visualization from the combination of various bands. Unfortunately After upgrading QGIS to a newer version, the plugin crashed for unknown reasons. On the other hand I need to do a raster band composite right away at that time. Is there another way to do band composite in QGIS? In this tutorial I will show you the alternative way to create band composite in QGIS using Virtual Raster. Let's do it!

Firstly add all bands into the QGIS map that is required in raster composition. For this tutorial I created True Color band composite using Sentinel-2 satellite imagery. For that I added band 4, 3 and 2 as shown in figure 1.

Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery Bands 4,3 and 2
Figure 1. Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery Bands 4,3 and 2

Then in the Processing Toolbox, search for virtual raster. It will appear under the GDAL tool as seen in the figure 2.

GDAL Build virtual raster tool
Figure 2. GDAL Build virtual raster tool

Open the Build virtual raster tool by double clicking it. The tool window appears as in figure 3. Click the Input layers button to select all images required. Make sure to sort them in the right order. For True Color image composition the order is 4-3-2. Make sure band-4 on the top, followed by band-3 and band-2 at the bottom as in figure 4. If you found they are in the wrong order. You can sort it by drag and drop.

Build Virtual Raster Window

Figure 3. Build Virtual Raster Window


Band Order for image composition
Figure 4. Band order for image composition

Back to the main window. Before running the tool, make sure to check Place each input file into separate band option. The image band composite result can be seen as in figure 5.

True color band composite
Figure 5. True color band composite

That's all the tutorial on how to create image band composite in QGIS using GDAL Build virtual raster tool. Using the tool we can create many band compositions to get a new visualization that helps us to feature specific objects in a remote sensing task. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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