QGIS Tips and Tricks: How to Add An Image Logo into QGIS Map View

In this QGIS tips and tricks, I will show you how to add a logo into a QGIS map view, so you can add your personal, business or organization logo as seen in figure 1.

Image Logo in QGIS Map View
Figure 1. Image Logo in QGIS Map View

From the top toolbar select View > Decorations > Image as shown in figure 2. The image decoration window will appear as seen in figure 3.

Image Decorations Menu
Figuer 2. Image Decorations Menu

Image Decoration Window
Figure 3. Image Decoration Window

In the Image Decoration window. Check Enable Image option. In the Image Path, browse to the logo image path. In this window, you can also customize some parameters like image size, placement, and edge margin.

Moreover using this tips, you can also add other map items like scale bar, north arrow, title, grid, copyright label and so on.

For other interesting QGIS tips and tricks, please visit QGIS Tips and Tricks series. Thanks!

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